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The Homoeopath's Webshelf

Peter Fraser is associated with the following websites:

The Vancouver Homeopathic Academy

A centre for excellence in homeopathic education.

The Homœopathic Information Service

This is a useful site for professional homoeopaths with information on many new remedies.

The Institute of Homœopathy

This is a site for Classical Homoeopaths.

It can help you to find a reliable Homoeopath and includes some general information.

The Travelling Homœopaths Collective

The Travelling Homœopaths Collective is a registered charity that provides acutes clinics at festivals and events.

The website has information about their work and the events they attend.

The School of Homœopathy

This respected school now has branches around the world with full courses in Stroud, UK.

The website contains information about the school, seminars by faculty and provings conducted by the school. 

Homeopathy International

A superb French site that has the full text of a large number of book (including many in English), a wide range of articles, pictures of most of the great homoeopaths and some very useful links. An invaluable resource for the serious homoeopath.


Some useful organizations

The BC Society of Homeopaths
The BC Society of Homeopaths is a dynamic and supportive professional community for practitioners in the province of British Columbia, Canada.

The West Coast Homeopathic Society
The West Coast Homeopathic Society was founded in 1995 to serve the homeopathic community in British Columbia, representing the professional and political interests of qualified homeopaths and promoting homeopathic awareness and education.

The Canadian Society of Homeopaths
A national association for Canadian homeopaths and supporters of homeopathy.

The British Association of Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons
An excellent website on Veterinary Homoeopathy. Includes a list of homoeopathic vets in the UK, a list that is lamentably short.

The Faculty of Homeopathy
The Faculty of Homeopathy is the organization of medical doctors with additional homeopathic qualifications. The site includes a list of members and interesting information on homoeopathy and current research.

The Hahnemann Academy of North America
The organization primarily devoted to the work of Robin Murphy. This site contains some very useful information.

Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians
A useful site with a searchable database of practitioners.

The National Center for Homeopathy
Plenty of information about homeopathy and a searchable database of practitioners.

The North American Society of Homeopaths
An informative site from an important organization representing professional homeopaths in North America.

The Society of Homoeopaths

The website of the largest of the British homoeopathic organizations. Includes general information and a list of registered homoeopaths.

The Homeopathic Medical Association
The website of one of the major British homoeopathic organizations. Includes general information and some good links.





The Helios Homoeopathic Pharmacy
The website of this innovative homoeopathic pharmacy in Tunbridge Wells, England. Useful information and how to order their superb range of remedies, books and kits.