Provings Consultant

Peter Fraser has collated and edited more than twenty major provings and overseen the conduct of many of them. He has also conducted many smaller provings.

Some of the provings that he has been involved in can be seen here:

Provings are an invaluable way for homœopaths, students and others interested in homœopathy to gain valuable insight into the homœopathic process.

All too often the provings are undertaken without careful planning and the efforts and dedication of all those involved are wasted and valuable inforrmation is lost to the homœopathic community.

A little attention to the design of the proving will help to make it more succesful.

Peter is available as a consultant and teacher in all aspects of the conduct of a homœopathic proving from choice of remedy and design of protocols to final collation and publication.

For more information contact him at:

7 Chilkwell Street

01458 831498